DNA/Chromosome Staining

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Quick Review:

  • DNA/chromosome staining kit for study of plant mitosis phases and chromosomal development identification
  • Activities for preparing, staining, and mounting slides using prepared onion root tips for detailed examination
  • Enough materials for 15 groups of students
  • Includes Teacher's Guide and Student Study Guide copymasters


Prepare your own squashed stained slide and be able to identify the phases of plant mitosis and chromosomal development. Students will be able to prepare, stain and mount slides using specially prepared onion root tips. Kit contains enough material for 15 groups.


Kit Includes:
1 vial Preserved root tips
2 bottles 6M Hydrochloric acid, 25mL
2 bottles Toluidine blue 1.0% Solution, 25mL
1 box Microscope slides
1 box Coverslips
30 Aluminum dishes
30 Forceps

DNA/Chromosome Staining