Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

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Quick Review:

  • Kit for simulating Mendelian genetics and determine patterns of inheritance
  • Chips and double dice for simulating both monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
  • Activities for determining genotypic and phenotypic ratios to select traits and compare their values to Mendel's theoretical values
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters for instructional use
  • Suitable for age 13 and older with adult supervision


In this activity, students can simulate Mendel’s work and determine patterns of inheritance. Using special chips and Innovating Science’s exclusive “double dice,” students will be able to simulate both monohybrid and dihybrid crosses. After the crosses, students will be able determine genotypic and phenotypic ratios for select traits and compare their values to the theoretical “ideal” values as put forth by Mendel. Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher’s manual and student study guide copymasters are included.

Kit Includes:
15 Monohybrid chips, female (red/yellow)
15 Monohybrid chips, male (red/white)
15 Dihybrid double dice, female (colored)
15 Dihybrid double dice, male (clear)
15 Plastic shaker cups

Introduction to Mendelian Genetics