Forensics Using Simulated Blood

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Forensics Using Simulated Blood

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Quick Review:

  • Kit for conducting forensics using simulated blood
  • Students use their technician skills for assisting investigators by examining simulated crime scene evidence
  • Activities for performing presumptive blood test, and identifying blood type for comparison to suspect's samples
  • Materials for 10 groups of students for hands-on learning
  • Teacher’s manual and student study guide copymasters are included


Though the use of blood type in a forensic investigation is not enough to prove guilt, it may aid in exonerating a potential suspect. In this activity, students act as lab technicians and assist investigators by examining evidence collected at a crime scene. Students first use a presumptive blood test to determine if a substance on a stained piece of cloth may be blood, and then determine the blood type of a sample collected at the scene. Students then compare their results to those of samples provided from two suspects. Kit contains enough materials for 10 groups.

Kit Includes:

40 Blood typing trays
10 Cotton swabs
1 pc Cloth
1 btl 70% ethanol
1 btl Blood detection reagent #1
1 btl Blood detection reagent #2
4 Simulated blood samples
Suspect #1
Suspect #2
Crime Scene Evidence
1 btl Simulated anti-A serum
1 btl Simulated anti-B serum
1 btl Simulated anti-Rh serum

Forensics Using Simulated Blood