Acids and Bases AP Chemistry Kit

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Quick Review:

  • Acids and Bases AP Chemistry Kit
  • All the chemicals you'll need for a classroom demonstration of acids and bases
  • Includes teacher's manuals
  • All MSDS sheets included with chemicals
  • AP level demonstration


A solution of sodium hydroxide which is approximately 0.01M will be standardized with a solid acid, potassium hydrogen phthalate, to determine the exact molarity of the base. The standardized base will then be titrated against a monoprotic unknown acid to determine the molarity of the acid. A pH indicator and/or a pH meter will be used to determine the equivalence point.

Kit Includes:

2 X 25ml Hydrochloric acid, 1.0M
1 X 30ml Sodium hydroxide, 6.0M
1 X 5g Potassium hydrogen phthalate
1 X 25ml Phenolphthalein, 0.1%

Acids and Bases AP Chemistry Kit