Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis

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Quick Review:

  • Students will learn how to identify different types of ink and their distinguishing characteristics
  • Forensic techniques are used to analyze documents left behind at a crime scene
  • Thin layer chromatography is used to separate the ink in different pens
  • Kit contains enough material for 15 groups to conduct the experiments
  • Teacher's manual, student study guide copymasters, and safety data sheets are included


The school library’s computers have been stolen. Left behind was a ransom note demanding money. Help solve the crime using thin-layer chromatography to separate the ink on the ransom note and ink found in markers tied to possible suspects. It may be possible to provide evidence as to whether or not the ransom note could have been written with a particular marker. Kit contains enough material for 15 groups.

Kit Includes:
3 Felt Tip Markers
15 x 30mL Chromatography Solvent
15 Silica Gel Chromatography Sheets
Capillary Tubes

Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis