Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances

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Quick Review:

  • Forensic chemistry lab kit for identifying unknown substances
  • Students use observation skills, senses, and chemical tests on known substances and two unknown substances for identification and comparison
  • Materials for 15 groups of students for hands-on learning
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters for instructional use
  • Suitable for age 13 and older with adult supervision
  • Safety data sheets for safe handling and storage of chemicals are included


Often times, when collecting evidence at a crime scene, investigators may recover substances they are unable to identify in the field. Along with evidence such as fingerprints, hair, fibers, etc., there may be traces of unknown chemicals or powders left behind by the perpetrator or perpetrators. Evidence of this nature is sent to the crime lab for identification. In this experiment, you will use your observation skills, senses, and chemical tests on a series of known substances as well as two unknown substances. You will then attempt to identify the mystery substances based on your observations and recorded data. Kit contains enough material for 15 groups.

Kit Includes:

30 Reaction Plates
30g Baking Powder
30g Baking Soda
30g Corn Starch
30g Talcum Powder
30g Salt
30g Gelatin
30g Mystery Substance #1
30g Mystery Substance #2
30ml Biuret Reagent
30ml Dilute Lugol’s Iodine
30ml Acetic Acid

Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances