Chemical Element Observation Set

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Quick Review:

  • Chemical element observation set for exploring periodic table of elements
  • 23 element samples for studying similarities and differences
  • Packaged in durable plastic containers for storage, and labeled for ease of identification
  • Periodic table for review
  • Instructions and material safety data sheet (MSDS) packet for product information and handling procedures


Explore the Periodic Table of Elements with the Chemical Element Observation Set. Students will study the similarities and differences between these elements. Each element is packaged in a break resistant plastic container and clearly labeled. A periodic table is included for review.


Kit Includes:

1.0 g Aluminum Metal
1.0 g Antimony Metal
0.5 g Barium Metal
1.0 g Bismuth Metal
1.0 g Cadmium Metal
1.0 g Calcium Metal
1.0 g Carbon (Charcoal)
1.0 g Chromium Metal
1.0 g Cobalt Metal
1.0 g Copper Metal
1.0 g Carbon (Graphite)
1.0 g Iron
1.0 g Lead
0.1 g Germanium
1.0 g Magnesium Metal
1.0 g Nickel Metal
1.0 g Silicon Metal
1.0 g Silver
1.0 g Manganese
1.0 g Sulfur
1.0 g Tin Metal
1.0 g Tungsten Metal
1.0 g Zinc Metal

Chemical Element Observation Set