Acid, Caustic and Solvent Combination Spill Kit

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Quick Review:

  • Clean up kit is designed to handle potentially hazardous chemical spills in the lab
  • Contains supplies for handling up to four liters of caustic, acidic, and strong solvent messes
  • Kit comes with instructions on safe cleaning procedures
  • Materials are labeled with universal storage codes to inform safe practices
  • Safety data sheets included to inform safe storage and maintenance of chemicals


Be prepared for spills in your lab. This kit contains enough material to clean up a liter of four different kinds of chemicals in your lab. Complete with instruction sheets and SDS.

Kit Includes:

1100g Diatomaceous Earth (Flammable Absorbent Material)
1.0 kg Acid Spill Cleanup Kit (Acid Neutralizing Mixture)
1.2 kg Spill Kit, Caustic Cleanup (Caustic Neutralizing Mixture)
200g Vermiculite (Absorbent)
Splash Resistant Goggles
24 Nitrile Gloves
1 Dustpan and Brush Set
1 Spill Kit Storage Container

Acid, Caustic and Solvent Combination Spill Kit