Acid Spill Clean Up

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  • Kit for cleaning up acid spills in the laboratory
  • Polybags, twist ties, shipping tags, dust pan and brush, absorbent, neutralizing mixture, and gloves for containing spill
  • Instructions and material safety data sheet (MSDS) packet for product information and handling procedures
  • Suitable for age 13 and older with adult supervision


Innovating Science acid spill kit is used for cleaning up acid spills in the laboratory, and has polybags, twist ties, blank shipping tags, dust pan and brush, vermiculite absorbent, neutralizing mixture (calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and litmus powder), and vinyl exam gloves for containing spills. Vinyl resists oil, has low moisture absorption, and is non-conductive.

Kit Includes:

1 Instruction Sheet/SDS
2 Nitrile Gloves
2 9” x 16” Polybags
2 Twist Ties
2 Blank Shipping Tags
1 Dust Pan and Brush
1 Bag Vermiculite Absorbent
1 Bag Neutralizing Mixture (Calcium Hydroxide, Sodium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Litmus Powder)

Acid Spill Clean Up