Nitrates, Phosphates, and Eutrophication

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Quick Review:

  • Lab for studying effects of eutrophication and nitrate-phosphate pollution on fresh water
  • Activities for observing impact of nitrates, phosphates, and combination of nitrates and phosphates in miniature "ponds"
  • Build understanding of difference between point and non-point source pollution, and role of nitrates on phosphate in eutrophication process
  • Materials for 15 groups of students for hands-on learning
  • Kit comes with teacher's manual and safety data sheets for safe storage of all materials


Understand the importance and value of fresh water and the need to protect and conserve this valuable resource. Realize that a variety of factors, including natural ones, contribute to the overall problem of water pollution. After completing this lab, students should understand the difference between point source and non-point source pollution and understand the role of nitrates and phosphates in the process of eutrophication. They will observe and examine the effects of nitrates, the effects of phosphates, and the effects of a combination of nitrates and phosphates in miniature “ponds.” Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups.

Kit includes:

50ml Nitrate solution
50ml Phosphate solution
50ml Nitrate/Phosphate solution
50ml Control (deionized) water
60 Plastic cups
1 box Microscope slides
1 box Coverslips

Nitrates, Phosphates, and Eutrophication