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Quick Review:

  • Kit for explaining and demonstrating chemiluminescence, the emission of light by an excited-state atom or molecule
  • Contains luminol for producing light when used with oxidizer, such as hydrogen peroxide (included)
  • Materials for 15 groups of students for hands-on learning
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters for instructional use
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS) for product information and handling procedures


Most physical and chemical reactions that involve the release of light energy also involve the release of heat energy. One unique and interesting form of light-emitting reaction is called chemiluminescence, or “cool light.” Similar to the familiar glow of a firefly, students will create a chemiluminescent reaction in the classroom, and then observe the fascinating blue glow of the reaction, which lasts for over ten minutes. This is chemistry that never fails to amaze students. The kit contains enough materials for 15 groups.

Kit Includes:

15 x 25mL Luminol solution
1 x 25mL 6% hydrogen peroxide
15 Plastic cups, 30mL
15 Transfer pipettes, 1mL