Exothermic Reactions

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Exothermic Reactions

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Quick Review:

  • Kit for study of exothermic reaction process
  • Reaction implemented in plastic bag for safe experiments
  • Activity for examining commercial application, the instant heat pack
  • Materials for 15 groups of students for hands-on learning
  • Teacher's manual and student study guide copymasters for instructional use


Allow students to see how chemistry can be used in a beneficial manner. Most students are probably familiar with heat packs, or hand warmers. Utilizing the release of chemical energy, these self-contained exothermic reactions are quite useful in cold environments. In this activity, students will first investigate the temperature change of an exothermic reaction and then examine how the oxidation of iron, in a process similar to rusting, can be used to create the little bags of heat used to keep hands and feet warm. The kit contains enough materials for 15 groups.


Kit Includes:

1 x 100g Calcium chloride
15 Plastic cups
15 Stirring sticks
15 Bags containing: 25 g Iron powder, 1 g Sodium chloride, 5 g Calcium chloride, 1 tbsp Vermiculite

Exothermic Reactions