Thin Layer Chromatography

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Thin Layer Chromatography

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Quick Review:

  • Students will learn the process behind chromatography while trying it out for themselves
  • Perform thin layer chromatography with four dyes, and determine whether each dye has a singular component or is composed of a mixture
  • Kit includes enough materials for 15 groups of students
  • Students will practice forming and testing hypotheses, as well as drawing conclusions from observations
  • Suitable for grades 6 and up


Commercial food colors may contain more than meets the eye. Students will perform thin layer chromatography, a highly effective separation procedure, on four different food colors to determine if there may be more in each color than visual appearance would lead them to believe. Each group will perform the chromatography procedure in one of three different solvents and compare their results to other student groups, allowing students to reach conclusions regarding the solubility of each food dye in different solvents. The kit contains enough materials for 15 groups.

Kit Includes:

1 Food coloring sample set containing:
1 x 0.5mL Yellow
1 x 0.5mL Red
1 x 0.5mL Blue
1 x 0.5mL Green
5 x 30mL Chromatography solvent #1 (Deionized water)
5 x 30mL Chromatography solvent #2 (50% Ethanol)
5 x 30mL Chromatography solvent #3 (95% Ethanol)
15 TLC (thin layer chromatography) sheets
4 Capillary pipettes

Thin Layer Chromatography