Force Table


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Quick Review:

  • A simple tool for demonstrating Newton’s First Law and the vector nature of force
  • Dual scale
  • Ease of use and accuracy
  • Includes activity guide


This student force table is a complete set that features a dual scale, allowing students to take readings either clockwise or counterclockwise, four complete weight sets (each with brass slotted weights, 2 x 5g, 4 x 10g, 4 x 20g, and a 20g brass weight hanger), four pulleys with clamps and two sets of strings that allows students to investigate the equilibrium of either three or four forces. A bubble level helps students with the setup, and the 16" diameter lightweight, durable table top and sturdy cast iron support allow both ease of use and accuracy. Includes activity guide.

  • Circular workplate: PVC board, write on/wipe-off laminated surface, 34cm diameter, 1.5cm thickness, with built-in scale, centering pole, plastic centering ring
  • 3 removable legs, each 26cm high: can be stored underneath the workplate
  • 3 pulleys with clamps: high performance, low-friction with multi-functional clamps
  • Brass weight holders: 3 pieces, 50g each
  • 3 slotted brass weight sets: (2) 5g, (2) 10g, (2) 20g, (2) 50g, total weight 170g
  • Spool of String: 200cm in length

Force Table