Who Are We?
55 years in the educational, medical and industrial sectors
Parco Scientific is a leading trusted supplier of scientific products throughout the United States, and has served the educational, medical and industrial sectors for over 30 years. Owned and operated by veterans in the scientific equipment industry, our company has accumulated a vast network of connections and clients across the globe. We contribute our success to the numerous distributors.
We value quality
Our company has a comprehensive wide-ranging knowledge base on all scientific equipment including anatomical models, laboratory equipment and science kits with specialization in microscopes. We are rigorous in our selection of specialized products and we take the utmost care in making sure that our selection meets the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Our technicians have years of first-hand experience on microscope repair and maintenance and continue to apply their extensive knowledge to maintain and improve our selection of quality microscopes. As a result of our combined efforts, our microscopes can withstand years of heavy use and rough handling.
We are truly different from other online providers
We provide maintenance and repair for schools, and know from experience what issues are most likely to arise. Our company keeps an open line of communication with teachers, asking for feedback regarding what improvements could be applied in order to provide microscopes that are best suited for classroom use. This feedback is then applied to improve on our products; making our company and our products unique from other online providers.
Science labs and schools are our everyday customers
Our products are in tens of thousands of science labs and schools and we have decided to expand our global reach by launching a website where customers with differing levels of interest can find scientific solutions and the resources that they require. The leaders of Parco Scientific are supported by a dedicated staff dedicated to the company’s ideals. We aim to deliver the best possible on both products and customer experience.
Our Products -- Why Choose Parco Scientific?
With our background and history of working with a number of the best scientific equipment suppliers in North America, we are extremely knowledgeable regarding the needs of professionals across the continent. We have carried over this knowledge into the development of our unique brand of microscopes and scientific equipments.
Some online microscope outlets offer a selection of 400 – 600 microscopes, with varying levels of quality. This is both unnecessary and stressful for customers. Most first-time buyers have a limited amount of knowledge regarding microscopes. After they gain experience from using the microscope, they often desire to use it for more advanced applications. They then become frustrated by the microscope they purchased because there isn’t a mechanical stage for precise control of the slide, the lighting system isn’t bright enough, and the condenser doesn’t provide the right resolution. This results in the customer suffering from buyer’s remorse. Parco Scientific provides selected models that are safe and student-proof. Most importantly, our microscopes have all the features needed for a variety of applications. We also include many value-added features that are not provided by other companies, such as:
  • locked-on extra wide field eyepiece with calibrated pointer
  • reverse nosepiece
  • 360° rotatable gliding stage that is easy for young children to manipulate
  • cord wrap for storage
  • handle for easy carrying
  • light intensity control
  • stylish and aesthetically appealing design
  • and much more!
Parco Scientific does not believe in sacrificing quality for the sake of price. For instance, we do not attach a binocular head onto a monocular base so that customers can buy a cheap “binocular” compound microscope. Instead, ours are built proportionately, with the appropriate components included. In addition, we provide several lighting systems for different applications. There is 1W, 3W, or 5W LED lighting, as well as 20W or 30W halogen lighting.
The optical system, lighting and condenser type strongly affects the quality of the microscope, especially at a high magnification (1000X). Our focusable Abbe condenser has an iris diaphragm and filter. This, along with the appropriate lighting system, will provide the optimum resolution for observing specimens.
From toy microscopes for children to advanced microscopes for professionals, Parco Scientific has something for everyone. We know from experience which models are most suitable, and offer them online accordingly. We take pride in the quality of the products and services provided.
Our Customers
Our customers are of great importance to us, which is why we strive to provide an extensive selection of scientific solutions for a wide range of practices and every level of interest. We have been an established source of scientific equipments for over 30 years, and are eager to share our products and expertise with a brand new online customer base. Whether you are a student, a professional, a hobbyist, or someone looking for a unique gift to give to a loved one, we carry a large selection of products and resources, which ensures that there is something for everyone.
Our Ideals
Parco Scientific was founded on the principle of fostering and inspiring a love of science through providing our customers with high quality products at affordable prices. Our company firmly believes that a scientific tool is more than just an object; it is your partner in discovery, and your partner should be both dependable and adaptable in order to see you through many years of fun learning and discovery. That is why we strive to provide you, our valued customer, with durable, high quality, and affordable products that can stand up to the tests of time. With our ever advancing product and accessory line, they will not only last, but also ensure that you are able to stay at the forefront of new technology through the years to come.
Our Commitment
The team of staff here at Parco Scientific is devoted to our goal of providing every customer with a personalized, simple, and convenient shopping experience. We understand that online shopping sight unseen can sometimes be a stressful experience, and our team works hard every day to alleviate our customers of much of that unease. Picking the right microscope or equipment isn’t as easy as picking out a book or a song; it requires a precise, measured and calculated decision because you want your equipment to be precise, measured and calculated so as to ensure its quality. Our website is designed to ease the burdens, headaches, and doubts that are associated with online shopping. To make the process even easier, we have experienced and professional customer service representatives available via telephone or email for consultation! Our commitment to you includes:
  • Hands-On Inspection by our In-House Quality Assurance Technicians before shipping to you!
  • Safe, Secure Payment Options via Paypal.......................
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping with UPS Freight Services
  • Prompt, Friendly and NEVER Automated Telephone Service (Mon-Fri 9:00am -5:30pm EST)
  • Email Responses by the Next Business Day
  • A Wealth of Free & Useful Resources on our Website
  • Friendly Customer Service that Extends beyond your Checkout