Human Anatomy

Seeing is believing and our anatomical models show the human body in ways that will both fascinate and inform.

If you’re looking for anatomical models in Michigan, California or New York that will accurately reflect the complexity of the human body, Parco should be your only supplier.

Our anatomical models are used in classrooms, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, reproductive health clinics, physiotherapy clinics, chiropractor’s offices, hospitals and treatment clinics across Michigan, the United States and Canada.

Our skeletal models range from a full body anatomical model to focused joint elements. Our torsos come in male, female, and unisex models with removable parts. You will find few anatomical models in New York, California or Michigan of this quality and accuracy.

There is increasing interest in seeing the musculature of the human body and understanding its complexity is best illustrated with one of our anatomical models. Again, these range from the macro full body to the more detailed microanatomy muscle fiber.

Our skin models are particularly useful for dermatologists, skin care centers and spas seeking to illustrate the complexity of the hair follicle, the impact of burns and acne or the pathology of skin cancer.

One of the more popular anatomical models in Michigan are the dental models, which teach adults and children alike how to employ proper dental hygiene. Ignore those rules and the tooth pathology model comes in handy as it illustrates cavities, crowns, fillings, and gingivitis.

Our anatomical models are unique in Michigan, New York and California in that they cover all elements and functions of the human body, including the nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, and reproductive systems. Many of our anatomical models include free access to anatomy courses, digital anatomy lectures, models, and quizzes.