Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics

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Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics


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Quick Review:

  • Observe plants growing in a nutrient solution
  • Study and compare seed germination time and plant growth time
  • Observe development of roots, stems and leaves
  • Study effects of nutrient deficiency
  • Use controls in experiments
  • Understand hydroponics


Do plants only grow in soil? Not always. Sometimes they grow in water. This stimulating and fun kit includes uniquely designed Lab-Aids® transparent plastic culture chambers that allow students to “clearly” view plant growth and development in various nutrient solutions.
The following experiments are included:

  • Seed germination time comparisons
  • Plant growth time comparisons
  • Effects of nutrient deficiency
  • An understanding of hydroponics

This highly graphic and unique activity can be used individually or in groups at many grade levels. It is an excellent activity for science fairs or projects.

Kit Contents:

1 x Bottle of MgSO4 and KH2PO4 Solution
1 x Bottle of KNO3 Solution
1 x Bottle of KCl Solution
1 x Bottle of CaCl2 Solution
1 x Bottle of Ca(NO3)2 Solution
1 x Bottle of Trace Element Solution
1 x Bottle of Iron Chelate solution
5 x Seed Packets
6 x Lab-Aids® Greenhouses with Detachable Vented Roofs
6 x Light Shields for Greenhouses
6 x Germinating Floats
36 x Germinating Plugs
28 x Student Worksheet and Guides
1 x Teacher’s Guide
1 x SDS Packet

Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics