Properties of Antacids

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Quick Review:

  • Teach students the chemistry behind stomach acid and how antacids regulate the pH climate of the stomach
  • After learning about antacids and their active ingredients, students will test the rate of acid neutralization and buffering ability of several different antacids
  • Students will get hands-on experience with chemistry that has a recognizable connection to their everyday lives
  • Kit contains enough material for 15 groups, making it a great classroom kit
  • This kit comes with teacher's manual, student study guide copymasters, and safety data sheets


With the global population spending over a half a billion dollars a year on commercial antacids, several companies are out there competing for a part of the business. In this activity, students will learn about some of the more common active components in over-the-counter antacids as well as investigate the rate of acid neutralization of five different antacids. Students will also compare the buffering ability of three different calcium carbonate based antacids. All antacid samples are included and the kit contains enough materials for fifteen groups.

Kit Includes:

5 x 30 ml Hydrochloric Acid, 1M Solution
2 x 30 ml Universal Indicator
2 x 30 ml Bromothymol Blue, 0.5% Aqueous Solution
1 x 60 ml Antacid #5, Liquid
1 Pkg/7 Antacid #1, Tablet
1 Pkg/7 Antacid #2, Extra Strength
1 Pkg/7 Antacid #3, Tablet
2 Pkg/2 Antacid #4, Tablets
1 Pkg/15 Graduated Plastic Pipettes
2 Pkg/50 Universal Indicator Strips
90 Disposable Medicine Cups

Properties of Antacids