Families of Elements Experiment

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Families of Elements Experiment


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Quick Review:

  • Learn to classify elements by observing behavior of their compounds
  • Examine properties of the halogen compounds
  • Determine formulas of compounds through experimentation


Students learn how to classify elements by observing the behavior of compounds in the Halogen family (Group VIIA). The chemical properties of this group are very similar despite the marked differences in their physical properties.

As students perform a series of experiments, they discover that the elements form remarkably similar compounds with silver. Also, that the formulas of the compounds are similar, and that the elements are indeed in the same family.

The methods used in this kit for determining chemical formulas are also used in the Determination of Chemical Formulas Kit, No. LA85.

Kit Contents:

3 x Potassium Sulfide, Drop Control Bottle
3 x Potassium Iodide, Drop Control Bottle
3 x Potassium Chloride, Drop Control Bottle
3 x Potassium Bromide, Drop Control Bottle
9 x Silver Nitrate, Bottle
15 x Chemplates® with Spatulas
60 x Student Worksheets and Guides
1 x Teacher’s Guide with MSDS

Families of Elements Experiment