Perfect Pellet Classroom Kit


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Quick Review:

  • Replica owl pellet, containing the species of the rodent, mole or bird skeleton
  • Kit contains 15 perfect pellets and 5 posters
  • Accompanied by a teacher's guide


The "Perfect Pellet" is a replica pellet manufactured using state of the art plastics technology. Each synthetic pellet contains a virtually complete replica of one of the common barn owl prey species, either the rodent, mole or bird skeleton. They are a bit easier to dissect than the organic owl pellets. 

Kit contains:

  • 15 large Perfect Pellets: 5 rodent, 5 mole, 5 bird
  • 5 posters: Food Web, Rodent Skeleton, Mole Skeleton, Bird Skeleton & Bone Sorting Chart
  • Teachers guide with suggested teaching strategies, background information, laboratory guide, skull keys and references.

Perfect Pellet Classroom Kit