Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment


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Quick Review:

  • Identify the type and variety of soil biota
  • Calculate the cation exchange capacity
  • Determine soil pH
  • Correlate soil pH to % base saturation
  • Use staining technique and microscopes


Time to play in the dirt! Students conduct a thorough evaluation of their local soil. They use simple, easy-to-follow staining procedures and microscopes to observe and identify a range of soil biota. Students then test the soil for cation exchange capacity and pH and relate these characteristics to its ability to support plant growth. All tests are performed using either a Chemplate® or calibrated sample tubes.

Kit Contents:

50 x Plastic Cups
50 x Glass Microscope Slides
12 x Calibrated Tubes
12 x Lab-Aids Chemplate
4 x Phenolic Rose Bengal, Drop Control Bottle
3 x Barium Chloride Solution, Drop Control Bottle
2 x pH Soil Indicator Solution, Drop Control Bottle
1 x Potassium Dichromate Solution, Drop Control Bottle
50 x Student Guides
1 x Teacher’s Guide
1 x Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Packet

Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment