Parco Navigator Series Microscopes

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  • 3.5" moveable stage makes it easy for small hands to adjust specimen
  • Can slowly control the stage as it glides into the proper position
  • Locked-on, spring loaded stage clips
  • Adjustable arm tilts up to 45º for comfortable viewing
  • Maintenance free - no electrical, mirrors, gears or knobs
  • Vinyl dustcover and an instruction manual are included

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This beginner microscope is constructed of an all metal frame for durability and built to handle years of use. Unique light gathering system uses a prism and can be used in any daylight places. Take this portable microscope with you to explore minerals, stones, insects, flowers, pond water and slides. Focus your specimens by moving the optical tube up and down. Suitable for grades K to 6. Comes with a 5 year limited warranty, excluding bulbs.

NAV-020 5X WF 4X 20X $68.00
NAV-040 10X WF 4X 40X $74.00
NAV-050 5X WF 10X 50X $74.00
NAV-100 10X WF 10X 100X $79.00
Model NAV-020 NAV-040 NAV-050 NAV-100
Body All metal construction, adjustable arm that tilts 45°
Monocular, vertical optical tube
Eyepiece 5X wide-field 10X wide-field 5X wide-field 10X wide-field
Objectives 4X DIN 4X DIN 10X DIN 10X DIN
Stage 3.5" round, moveable stage with locked-on spring loaded stage clips
Focusing System
Sliding optical tube
Illumination Prism
Accessories Vinyl dust cover and user manual
Warranty Limited 5 year

Parco Navigator Series Microscopes